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Survive the winter - skin care from The Body Shop
Health & Beauty | 04.01.2019 | by Fashion Destination
image: Survive the winter - skin care from The Body Shop
Survive the winter - skin care from The Body Shop

We all know how unfavorable the winter season is for our skin. This is the time of the year when it needs particular attention because it’s daily exposed to cold, wind, abrupt change of temperature outside and home, lack of sunlight and other factors that lead to dehydration, vitamin D deficiency and drying . Of course, we do not write this article to frighten you, but on the contrary - today with the help of our friends at The Body Shop we have prepared some proposals that come to your aid in skin care during the winter season. Now is the right time to stock with nutrients, oil suitable for your face and the necessary deep hydration.

Body Care

When the weather is cold, the care of the face is not the only that is very important, but also the care of the body. Before hydration, it is necessary first to get rid of everything superfluous on our skin - that is why we start with exfoliation. Here the best skin friend is the rich and creamy Body Scrub. The Body Shop offers incredible body butters, the most suitable for the winter months are Shea, Cocos and Argan oil. Do not forget the feet - Hemp is a real superhero for very dry feet. Suggestions with mint provide freshness to feet closed in boots and thick socks.

Face care – daily beauty routines

After taking care of the body, it is time to pay attention to the face. Here, too, we begin with pre-hydrating preparation by cleaning the face with revitalizing face oil - Life Face Oil. Over 30% of pure oils help remove dirt by making the skin smoother, radiant and hydrated. The next step in skin care after cleansing is a light face lotion Vitamin E Aqua Boost, instantly hydrates and refreshes the skin for 48 hours. Apply a small amount on a cotton swab and "Voila!" - it's time to revitalize. Revitalizing face oil Life Face Oil is 99% natural oil-based, combining seed oils with three plants from different parts of the world. Black cumin from Egypt, Chinese camellia and Chilean rosehip - light oil that regenerates and hydrates the skin, regains its luster and visibly reduces the signs of aging. Next - hydration with Hydrating Face Cream with Vitamin E - a light and fast-absorbing face cream that protects and hydrates the skin and makes it fresh, silky soft and luminous all day long. Contains vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and wheat germ oil.

Of course, we will not miss out on lip care - again with vitamin E, combined with coconut and olive extract for soft and hydrated lips.

And twice a week you can pamper yourself with a soothing face mask for deep cleansing and nourishing. Inspired by the ancient Roman recipes, this mask gently exfoliates and helps to soothe dry, sensitive skin and overcome the feeling of tingling and itching.

Little Treasures for the handbag

Skin care is not limited to the procedures we make at home, so we need to load our bag with the most important first aids for the skin in the winter. Of course, they are in the right size and are real mini treasures for maximum care. Besides the favorite lip balm, it is important to always have a hand cream in our purse. And for fans of fitness we recommend wearing a small amount of body oil to nourish your skin after a workout and shower.

So, we are ready to meet the cold days with protected and nourished skin.

The great variety of skin and hair care products await you at The Body Shop, Paradise Center, level 0.



Source and pictures: the body shop

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